Caring For Environment By Promoting Use of Round Partition Areca Leaf Plates, Square Shape Areca Leaf Plates and Triangle Shape Areca Leaf Plates.
About Us
Disposables are of great use at large social gathering of people but plastic is not a good option as it harms environment and promotes landfill problems. With growing limitation of plastic and large use of biodegradable products, we Greenfly Plates International Private Limited, came into existence to support the use of eco-friendly products at social gatherings.

We stepped as a manufacturer in 2016 and in no time created a major impact in the disposables industry by bringing forth fine in finish and 100% biodegradable Areca Leaf Plates. Our fine array encompassing Areca Round Leaf Plates, Areca Partition Plates, Triangle Shape Areca Leaf Plates, High Quality Areca Leaf Plates, to name some plates, is ideal for birthday parties, restaurants, functions, festivities, kitchenware and social events. Our lightweight plates range is accessible in not only various shapes but also various designs and sizes.

Our Focus: Quality

We at Greenfly Plates International Private Limited, are highly focused to introduce only quality based areca leaf plates in order to satisfy our clients and provide to them value for their great investment in our products.

For manufacturing plates, we use fallen husk leaves, which are collected from reliable sources, pressure washed, then sun dried and after that moulded and sterilized. These odourless, heat resistant and strong husks are transformed into natural and innovative dinnerwear.

Health and Safety Testing

We ensure our range is chemical, glue, lacquer free and fully biodegradable. No chemicals are used at any product level. A quality testing program, on complete transparent grounds is laid at the production house, by our specialist team of quality controllers. Every factor, be it structure or design, shape or size, is ensured by our experts. Not limited to this, tests for ensuring no leak and resistance to oil and water are also conducted. Post assurance of aforesaid factors, delivery of orders is made.

Why Choose Us?

  • Best manufacturing practices are given heed and supreme focus is over solely quality production. 
  • Non toxic, hygienic to use, lightweight and disposable Square Shape Areca Leaf Plates, Triangle Shape Areca Leaf Plates, etc., are produced.
  • Satisfying customers through quality produce, prompt shipment and clarity in deals is highly prioritized. 


India has ample Areca Palm Trees. They are cultivated for "Betel Nuts" used in making Paan. Every Areca Tree sheds 10 to 15 leaves every year. These Leaf Covers which naturally fall from the trees are collected from the Areca Farms & then transported by truck to our factory. After reached to our factory, they are soaked in water and properly cleaned by using brushes to reduce the sand, are then pressed in the moulds of different sizes to create products with attractive designs. At the end all items are sterilized & packed. There are no chemicals or no natural products used in the whole manufacturing process infact it is 100% free from chemical.

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